the m•O•d club

  • Celebrating M•O•D’s anniversary, we present The M•O•D Club!
    For 5 years we’ve been elegantly dressing up men in all ages, and The M•O•D Club has never been bigger and has never looked better.
    This gathering was nothing but a success – good vibes, good beers and great looking guys!
    – We want to send a big thanks to all who showed up, you looked sharp as f…!
    You are always welcome to join The M•O•D Club, if you like looking elegant!

    Campaign starring a large group of good friends and customers of M•O•D.
    Shot in the fall of 2017 in the streets of Copenhagen.

  • Photography by Simon Birk
    Video and editing by Simon Ejbye Schmidt
    Concept by The MOD Men